DA: Devin Winnie

For my digital artifact, I will be using my nature Instagram to look at the effects that global warming has on the environment. With an increase of over 1 centigrade in both the oceans and atmosphere entire biospheres have been devastated. Coral reefs are being killed off from heat exhaustion and polar bears only natural habitat is melting. The earth is on a current trajectory of being intolerably hot for human life by 2045 due to an increase of C02 emissions warming the planet. However, it is not too late. If an effort is made by all nations of the world to suppress emissions climate destabilisation can be slowed.

8 thoughts on “DA: Devin Winnie”

  1. The concept for you DA is a really important one. We can speculate all we want about what the future may look like in so many years, but the reality is we may not even have a long term future if we continue the way we have been, and are currently. I think I roughly understand what you are trying to do via instagram but how exactly are you going to use it as a platform for climate change? Do you have specific issues you want to address, and will you be getting info through scientific journals/ articles or will you be getting in contact with scientists to substantiate your posts? And what photos do you have in mind for the posts- will they be your own, and if so where will you go to take all these photos? In your description you wrote that it’s not too late if nations work together in an effort to slow or reverse climate, maybe this could also be explored in your instagram posts. You could do this by looking at plans already implemented in various parts of the world and what their strategy is for the short, mid, and long term periods. To keep the future in mind you could also look at what’s happened and how it’s happened and then explore ways of how to reverse it with the different time periods in mind. As I said earlier I think the future of out planet is absolutely vital to having a future at all. This is why I really like your idea for the DA, its super important, however at this stage it seems a little bit vague. I’m not entirely sure how this is going to be done so I’m looking forward to checking out the progress you make. Good luck with everything!


  2. An Instagram account is a great way to approach a digital artefact (DA) as you are able to reach a large audience with engaging visuals and a professional portfolio, so I am excited to see how you present your findings in a way that is cohesive yet aesthetically pleasing. However, in your pitch I think some clearer direction was needed to establish how you are actually going about your research, what is your methodology? What is your process is conveying such an urgent message? Are you focusing on climate change in general and how it impacts the world or how it could impact Wollongong directly?
    Your DA is extremely relevant as it is evidently impacting the planet and action is needed now so I believe you will gain a following through this topics relevancy. If you are focusing on how climate change impacts Australia directly I’ve found an interesting website to provide you with further information, it can even just raise awareness on our current worldly atmosphere. https://www.climaterealityproject.org/blog/how-climate-change-affecting-australia


  3. Your digital Artefact is an important one and your pitch presents something that may be triggering to the audience as it illustrates problems we have and the benefits of why we must try our best to stop climate change and pollution. This may be common with other commenters however I did feel your idea is quite vague, to me feels it has limited direction as all I understand is that its an Instagram account on climate change/pollution. Will you be focusing on international issues that we are facing or to be more relevant to a Wollongong audience you could focus on issues that many are important to individuals here, such as the protests of the Adani mine. This is a hot topic that you could potentially look into as it is relevant to the Wollongong scene with protests occurring regularly in the area. Following this Instagram is great tool to use though what do you intend to post on page, will it place a focus on issues within climate change and pollution or potentially you could create posts on what the individual can do to benefit the future, things we can alter that will, in turn, create a better future. I believe your idea is great as it has a mass impact however you need to show a direction for your project that can be easily understood
    Good luck

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  4. I like the concept of your DA as climate change is become bigger and bigger in our society. Instagram would be great platform too. As people on instagram would focuses on photography and views. I recommend your post should be motivation and address the problem of climate change to the audience. For example, this view will be gone in 10 year because of …… The strong point you want to made is important too that what is the purpose of this, to inform or create a campaign would be nice !


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