The technology is changing everything, but Whatever the future looks like, one thing is certain: We’ll still need to eat something.

My DA is focusing on future food; particularly, protein food.

The first blog post will be uploaded on Week 6, and that is about what we are going to have for dinner in 2 years?

Will we have plant-based meat for McDonald Cheeseburger?

Will the real meat costs more than the plant one?

Go find out in my first blog!

I will post few polls on Twitter, please come and join us!

Twitter: @LiLeah9 https://twitter.com/LiLeah9

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digital artefact – virtual reality gallery.


It’s a new year, and that means a new digital artefact.  This time, the digital artefact is being developed for BCM325: Future Cultures.

The nature of the class asks us to look to and imagine the future by examining the past and the present.  By extension, our digital artefacts will be doing the same thing but in practice.  For this project, I decided to develop the TAEM’s virtual art gallery prototype in three stages:

  1. Learn to use a VR application (in this instance, Unreal)
  2. Manipulate the gallery and learn how to use it
  3. Create a tutorial for others to follow

The gallery’s real-world use could help art galleries overcome the ‘disruption’ of modern technologies on the art industry, as Mark Glimcher discusses in his interview with Artnet.  This could be the future of art galleries and art installations.

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BCM325 Pitch: Using Holography in improving lecture attendance of students studying on different UOW campuses

Page || Trang

Thinking about technology as a university student, I often wonder how technology can maximise students’ learning experience to assist people’s studies while still complementing human communication. If the live LOL’s 2018 opening performance initiated my idea of enhancing different campuses students’ lecture attendance with holograms, my imaginary end is the Umbrella holographic meeting in Resident Evil.

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch

Taleasha Rose

My Digital Artefact will reflect on the widening gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and communities.

When thinking of our society, and how little is being done to preserve Aboriginal culture, it’s sad to come to the realisation that not much has changed in the last 50 years – and when thinking about the future, I don’t see there being much change in 5, 10, 25 years.

As an Aboriginal woman, I can offer an Indigenous perspective on current and past issues that are circulating in our society, and how this affects me personally, as well as how it could also potentially affect other Aboriginal peoples.

Using WordPress, I will create a blog that pulls apart past and present issues, and gives an opinion on how these issues could be/is affecting Aboriginal peoples and/or communities – and from this, I will look at ideas/give an opinion on how I feel…

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BCM325 Pitch


My idea for my digital artefact addresses the medium term future for the next 30 years. It looks at insects as a form of food worldwide. This artefact will involve a podcast for the literature review, a survey to collect feedback and opinions on this idea, and a final video introducing the prediction of a global food crisis and how insects as a form of food may be the answer to this. The podcast and survey will be completed prior to the final video to allow for feedback and audience participation. The relevance of the artefact to the audience is that it is a predicted future that will directly involve them, while also proposing a possible solution to this.


Sources referenced to in the video (presented like this as I was unable to reference while speaking in the video):

Population predictions:

Cho, R. (2018). How Climate Change Will Alter…

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The future of print media | BCM325 Pitch


For the Digital Artefact of BCM325, I want to explore the future of the print media industry, looking at magazines in particular.

I hope to one day work in the editorial and print media world, and am interested to understand where the future of this industry is headed in an increasingly digitised landscape.

My plan is to explore at how the evolving print media industry will change in the next 5, 10 or 20 years time, whether it will still exist or if we will be relying on a solely digital media landscape, and what this will look like.

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Don’t Get Me Started – Project Pitch

Don’t Get Me Started – Pitch

Work in progress

As a sufferer from chronic pain, I find myself going to various doctor appointments and I get told the same thing or I’m not taken seriously. This can get quite frustrating where I’ll either bottle it up or tell the same people which in turn I feel I am annoying them . This podcast will be a way for myself and others have a safe outlet to express our frustrations or concerns, this will help with my mental health (and others)(Wellways.org, n.d.). It is said that recognising your concerns or symptoms can help treatment and keep yourself in control when visiting a mental health practitioner (Frank and Frank, 1993).

*sorry for the sniffles, I’m sick*


Frank, J. and Frank, J. (1993). Persuasion and Healing. 3rd ed. Johns Hopkins U.P., pp.46, 49-50.

Healthdirect. (2018). How to talk about your mental health concerns. [online] Available at: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/how-to-talk-about-your-mental-health-concerns [Accessed 17…

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch

Madeleine Baker

My digital artefact is based off my speculation that many, many years into the future, agriculture and farming may drastically reduce, if not become obsolete, due to climate change and pollution. If this becomes the case, humans will have to become more self-sustainable through growing their own fresh produce. My DA will be a blog filled with youtube videos and posts that show ways that we can become more self and ecologically sustainable, and foster the growth and maintenance of an ecosystem in our own homes and gardens. It will also feature several emerging technologies to help with the future of home gardening and environmental sustainability. Please enjoy an extremely mediocre video of my nervous rambling about this topic.






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my [cool] university blog

TikTok is widely known for being a social media video creating app marketed towards children and pre-teens but is used amongst people of all ages. As of July 2018 the app has over 500 million active monthly users (Iqubal, 2019).

The app comes fully equiped with all the resources you need to explore your creative process. These resources include filters, special effects and lenses (Medium, 2018).

I have noticed a trend in content being much shorter in length which goes back to similar apps such as Vine and Musical.ly. Is there a reason short-form videos are becoming so popular amongst this generation?

– Iqbal, M. (2019).TikTok Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019). [online] Business of Apps. Available at: http://www.businessofapps.com/data/tik-tok-statistics/ [Accessed 21 Mar. 2019].
– Medium. (2018). How cutting-edge AI is making China’s TikTok the talk of town. [online] Available at: https://medium.com/beautytech-jp/how-cutting-edge-ai-is-making-chinas-tiktok-the-talk-of-town-4dd7b250a1a4 [Accessed…

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My digital artefact reflects the connotations of how everything on social media has become fake. By addressing and highlighting this concern I am going to draw attention to an observation in patterns and trends, which demonstrates the harm that the manipulation of images on social media is having upon society.

Through an Instagram account, I will be targeting the over-dramatisation and extreme lengths that celebrities will go to achieve what they perceive as the “perfect” persona on instagram, regardless of the effect that it has proven to have on society. I will also be investigating the effect that manipulation of images on social media will have in 5 or 10 years.

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