Screenshots of feedback outside class:

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My project is called ‘Growth.’ It is an EP that considers the future in 10 – 20 years’ time. I hope to influence the cycle of negative energy that we are currently digesting. The world needs to learn to love and compromise rather than destroy. I have researched the history of performance in Ancient Greece and how music frequency can be engineered to create calm and peacefulness. It is my hope that through the combined effort of my performance, message and frequency that you are all inspired to live and impact positively however you can. I love you all beautiful souls!


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DA comments + critical self analysis:

Liam Porrett Blog

BCM 325 Assessment 1 Part 1. (Post 2)

Overall Critical Analysis: 

I believe that each of the comments I made to other students DA pitches were ultimately made successful due to the research and a general understanding of what they were talking about.

With the aid of the 200 word summary supplied alongside each of the pitches as well as the 2 minute pitch video it was much easier to make a comment based around their idea as it was much easier to understand with two elements such as these to base off.

I also analysed some other comments on each of the pitches I was reviewing, which helped me to gain a better understanding on how other people viewed the pitch in contrast to me.

I ultimately approached each comment by this way of analysing then applying my own research into the idea.

At the start I believe I…

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My tweets and self analysis

Liam Porrett Blog

BCM 325Assessment 1 Part 1. (Post 1)

Below are my most prominent tweets in my opinion, from weeks 1-6. For each tweet I’ve critically analysed myself on what i did right, wrong and everything in between.


Week 1:

My most reputable tweet for week one was this comparison that clearly stood out to me. This scene from ‘Metropolis’ shown on the right, that I could not help but compare to the scene on the left featured in George Millers 2015 film ‘Mad Max Fury Road’. The use of an image in this tweet ultimately helps to draw in people to the tweet, which it why I believe it went reasonably better gaining 7 likes and 2 re-tweets, compared to my other tweets from week 1 gaining only small amounts of engagement.

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Tweet Your Heart Out


Live tweeting is something that I have never previously engaged with and, admittedly, has been a challenging skill to acquire. Comparing my first week of tweeting in Metropolis (1927) with my most recent week, I believe I have improved immensely as I have learned some strategies and techniques in both the planning of tweets as well as critically engaging with my classmates.

Initially, I have curated my Twitter to have a professional look, identifiable profile image and a description of myself linking my location to UOW. This has been done with the intention of engaging more followers from the university setting. At the time of writing this, I am following 365 people and have 285 followers, almost all who are from the BCM faculty. I make sure that I follow regular twitter users from my classes and always try to follow back any classmate who follow me, as I believe…

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My Two Cents


commenting process this semester has been particularly useful for me when
compared to previous semesters. In the past, I have provided only comments
about the good parts of a blog post or pitch, whereas this time, when
approaching the contribution of feedback for my peers, I have attempted to be
more critical of areas that might need improvement. Each comment is written in
semi-formal language, to give myself some credibility while also relating to my
classmates and making the observations more readable.

Admittedly, outside of the compulsory nature of this assignment task, commenting on people’s blogs is a practice I would not necessarily undertake out of my own personal motivation. However, the process of providing critical feedback has encouraged me to reconsider my own pitch, and areas that may not have come across as clearly as I had imagined. One example is my methodology, which I think could have…

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Fictional Dystopian futures (Warnings and predictions)

The Pink Protagonist

The computer has evolved significantly over the last 40 years. From humble beginnings as a clunky grey box that sat on the desk in a room to slim pocket-sized phones that we can carry around with us where ever we go. It feels almost foreign in a way to think of the days before we were able to access information from around the world with the touch of a finger. But we are not done yet, and I believe there will be a day where we do away with the need for screens or even virtual reality goggles. What I am talking about, is, of course, medical implantations that will allow us to access information with our own thoughts. Implants that make our minds and bodies the computer and controller. There have already been trials with medical implants with Eduardo Kac becoming the first human to implant himself with a…

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