First World Problems of a Comms. Student: Watching Films, Being Deep and Live-Tweeting


Live tweeting was a foreign concept to me before enrolling in BCM325. Yes, I had used Twitter throughout the last couple of years at uni, but this was next level. I was concerned about how to watch the movie (particularly the one’s I hadn’t seen *cough* almost all *cough*), thinking critically on my own AND engage with fellow students all AT THE SAME TIME.

However, I feel started to build my confidence and began being able to create decent threads with other students and discussing on a deeper level.

The first week I started out with mostly weak, almost irrelevant comments on fellow students tweets, and mostly just posting facts with links, without truly engaging in the content myself (examples below). I was aware this was my first experience with live-tweeting so knew it wouldn’t be great first off but also recognised I need to critically think and engage to…

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