Commenting On Your RPF… (Resting Pitch Face)


Having only 3 blog posts to comment on isn’t so bad, but I just feel like I can’t do it as well as others. I just struggle providing good feedback, and feedback that would actually help someone. Let me show you.

Pitch One: The Cosplay Society Documentary – Louise Allison

I really enjoyed this pitch, because this is a proposal that not many people recognise, or if they do, they don’t think much of it. Cosplay is so underrated, and not a lot of people understand that it’s not just some dress-up game. This pitch presents the idea of, in the near or distant future, bringing positive attention towards cosplay, addressing to other people and societies what it’s really about, and how to get involved.


This such a brilliant way of getting people together to share a such a fun passion! Really cool that you take it outside of…

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