Pitch Please… Assessment 1- Part 1- Post 2

Oh my blog

For this part of the assessment I looked at four different blog posts and analysed their digital artefact pitch. I enjoyed this process because every post I looked at had such unique concepts that they wanted to explore, and each pitch also had different methods of execution for their DA project. The feedback system is also extremely helpful in that it allows to us think critically about our own projects and gain insight from others that we might not have thought of.

Scrawl Studio by Caitlin

The first pitch I examined was Caitlin’s. The concept for her Digital Artefact pitch was a VR art gallery. If I understand correctly she will be displaying pieces from her on personal collection that she has created herself. I really like this concept because I think that AR and VR applications will be very prevalent in the future. Already there are numerous VR…

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