Tweet Tweet Tweet: Assessment 1- Part 1- Post 1

Oh my blog

 I’m not new to Twitter, but I certainly haven’t used it to live tweet while also trying to watch a deep, complex film, that on occasion is silent, or sometimes in a different language with subtitles you have to read while also being able to understand enough of the plot to look away and construct your tweet, as well as interacting with our classmates tweets! And yes, that is supposed to be one long run on sentence so you can feel the pain of how difficult it can be to watch movies while simultaneously tweeting up a storm.

To say live tweeting has been an interesting experience full of a few ups and downs is an understatement, but that being said each week seems to get a little easier, sans the Ghost in the Shell week.

Without further ado, here is a curation of some of my best tweet, retweets…

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