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Blog Post 2: Comment Reflection

UOW Communications Blog

As part of a BCM325 ‘Future Cultures’ assessment, we are required to comment on three of our peers Digital Artefact (DA) pitches. This is a great way for us to receive, and provide feedback on our proposals, helping us develop artefacts that have more relevance with greater insights. This blog will reflect upon the comments I have made, justifying choices and evaluating my approach to this exercise.

1) CGI Technology And The Future Of Movies – (Ashleigh Lockton)

Ashleigh’s pitch outlines her intention to create a blog series that look at the implications of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) technology, specifically, the use of ‘Deepfake’ software in regards to celebrity porn videos. In my comment, I suggested limiting her research to the use of ‘Deepfake’ technology, focusing on its implications for journalism and video evidence credibility. Initially, my commenting approach was to provide encouragement about aspects of her pitch I enjoyed, however…

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