Livetweeting Curation – Stop Making Niche References, vol. 1

homebrew drafts.

Having already been somewhat familiar with livetweeting through another third-year subject I completed last year (BCM320 Digital Asia), the process of livetweeting hasn’t felt anywhere near as daunting to me as it has done to others. What has been challenging for me, then has been striking a balance between making engaging content at a moment’s notice, and making ridiculously specific references to pop culture, classics, or politics, which usually goes over the heads of my classmates. It’s my own fault, really.

Tweets like those above have had fairly mixed successes; perhaps they’re not entertaining enough or specifically relevant, or they’re entertaining but not capable of generating large threads. Having said this, I would rather enjoy myself  (even if a lot of my tweets are knee-jerk reactions to what’s on screen) than dump questionable IMDB trivia into the feed. Drawing on my own experiences, knowledge, and stupidly niche sense of…

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