Communications and The Media

imageslider7 Source: https://www.ticketbooth.com.au/ticketing/blog/promote-your-event-by-live-tweeting/

To be honest, Twitter has never really been a platform that I used outside of uni just because I am not really interested in sharing my thoughts publicly, so I was kind of nervous. Not only had I never live tweeted before, I also hadn’t used Twitter in over a year so I was also out of practice of tweeting in general.

My goal was to do a mixture of facts that I had found prior to the screening and then observations that I made but this didn’t always happen. This was mainly because if I wasn’t interested I didn’t follow the film enough to make decent observations and then relied mostly on facts.

I got a little bored watching Metropolis so most of my tweets were facts from wikipedia and other websites. I mainly tried to look for facts about the movie that I could tweet because I…

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