No Comment is a Comment (Unless required by the assessment outline) -George Carlin

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For my course BCM325, I was made to comment on 3 Digital Artefact Pitches similar to my Pitch THE T-PALM. While doing this, I realised some mistakes I made and even ways that I would change my comments.

I would watch each pitch multiple times while making notes of the student’s goals, the way they were publishing their information, how they were collecting feedback and what area of interest they were relating to the future. I would then compile my comment, trying to start and finish with a positivity. In the body, I explained any issues I had or suggested how I would continue with their artefact.

The three pitches I commented were Montblog’s study into drones, EM KOLETTI’s Black Mirror podcast series and homebrew drafts Digital Media Socitey’s plan. Each were interesting but the comments varied.

With my comment for Montblog, I talked about the…

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