03/ I’m not trying to be rude

Emily G.

Leaving constructive feedback on each others digital artefact pitches and ideas really helps us all think more critically about our work.

Abby’s video focused on the future of influencer marketing as she’ll be using podcasts (like myself) to articulate her thoughts and make predictions on whats to come for social media influencers and YouTubers. Though she did note she will be aiming to have three episodes out, I questioned how long she intended to make them and also thought it might be a good idea to bring a guests with her to get another perspective on the topic, which I think will also help increase engagement. I prompted her to overlay a voiceover to her beta pitch thats coming up, which will make her pitch more effective to us as a audience. Reflecting back, I should have done more research and helped her get some articles on the effectiveness influencer…

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