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Taleasha Rose

I love the idea of peers commenting on my posts and vice versa; it allows me to gain other perspective, and for me to offer a different perspective to others.

During the commenting process, I was able to reflect on my own DA pitch while making suggestions to others. For example, in my comment on Taani’s pitch: #intersectional_future I referred to my DA and how I would be using current and past media articles to show a continuous gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples/communities, and made the suggestion that perhaps she too could use the media as a source for her DA.

It was in this comment that I also referred to a previous digital artefact I had done in BCM114, where I had used Instagram as my main platform, and mentioned the struggles that I had faced with it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 2.58.07 pm

On Tahlia’s pitch: Thriving Twenties, I was a little…

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