BCM325 – My Live Tweeting Self-Analysis


This semester I decided to take on the challenge of BCM325 and by doing so I have had my first experience in live-tweeting. Being completely unfamiliar to the whole process of live-tweeting, as well as not being an avid Twitter user, I believe my overall efforts were quite successful. The most challenging aspect of the whole activity however was increasing the amount of interaction on my tweets.

Week 1: Metropolis (1927)

Being a silent film, Metropolis had me worried about how long and how good my focus would be. However the movie itself gradually gained traction within the class as the BCM325 hashtag erupted.

Starting slowly with a few tweets that barely gained any interaction at all, I decided to change up my approach from using humor in my tweets, to posting something that would spark debate and/or discussion. Successfully, I believe I did this as seen in the tweet…

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