BCM325 Reflection 1: How I Have Waddled into the Uncharted Waters of Sci-fi Films and Live-Tweeting

Page || Trang

Live-tweeting, in particular, and the whole BCM325
subject, in general, is the uncharted waters I have long avoided venturing into
due to my quite low-tech self and aversion to sci-fi films. As multi-screens (film
screen and Twitter screen) demand high levels of divided
, I was afraid that these screens would distract me from either
enjoying the films or engaging in online discussions with my fellows. Contrary
to my initial thoughts, live-tweeting indeed compliments my watching
experience. These are evident in the below curation of my comments and
reactions during five in-class screenings of BCM325, which I regard as the milestones
of my first phase in the subject.

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