Critically Evaluate Live Tweets (W1-W6)

Live tweeting is a challenging task for me, but I think after a few weeks practices I have improved.

what I feel I was doing in that 90 (120) minutes
#multi-task #stressful

I always feel hungry and exhausted after every screening session. Anyway, here are some proves of my improvement, some critical personal opinions about what I have done well or could be done better.


I have found that Tweets using short sentences, which summarised some factors of the film, is more powerful. But I have to admit; this is a surface level engagement. It is an effective way to get people’s attention, but not good enough.



I will keep the light and strong Tweets and limiting to one or two each week. I will put more efforts into getting into some in-depth conversations. This can be achieved by learning more about the futurology as a whole…

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