DA Pitch Comment Review & Reflection

Ray Nguyen

Lang (2012) stated that feedback is “the cheapest, most powerful, yet, most under used management tool that we have at our disposal”. Feedback is powerful because it enables the receiver to get back on track and it serves as a guide to assist them to know how they and others perceive their current performance.

In the case of my assessment in BCM325 – Future Cultures, I was tasked to review and give feedback on three of my peers’ pitch presentations for their Digital Artefact (DA) project and the feedback I give to and receive from my peers is essential in the curation progress of our projects.

Our DA projects focus on addressing the future cultures. It always amazes me to observe all the critical-thinking skills shown in my Australian peers’ comments, which is not common among Asian students like me. Through my comments, I attempted to identify the strong and weak points…

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