First Live-Tweeting Experience

BCM325 has been my first introduction to live tweeting in a subject. And really at all. I have never live-tweeted in my life before this class, like I will go on twitter and read through the hashtags while watching the newest dumb reality tv show but I have never sat down and live-tweeted my thoughts throughout a movie or show. It’s actually quite fun. I started by using Tweetdeck which meant it was easy to see the hashtag flow through.

My favourite thing to do while watching a movie, whether it be new or old is going in blind, which means not looking at any trailers or any of the plots of the movies, but to just go in completely “blind”. And looking through the list I found a lot of movies I’d never watched before, I actually don’t think there was one.

So I tweeted that. And from what I’ve found, “going in blind” either works fantastically or not fantastically. For Metropolis it worked terribly, mostly because I got lost at one point and had no real idea what was happening cause I was constantly looking up and down from the screen.

With the other movies, it worked fantastically, since because I had never watched them before I was intrigued to see where they went!

I mostly didn’t know where to start with my live-tweeting so I looked at comparing movies and games:

Or analysing the movie itself which was especially important in Week one which was the screening of Metropolis a silent film from 1927:

I never paid much attention to mentioning what part we were watching in the movie because everyone was watching the same scenes at the same time, it did mean I needed to be quick, however, before the movie moved on and no one remembered what I was talking about:

I was also retweeting tweets from other students when they said something I had either missed or not known how to phrase in such a rush. these tweets also helped me form other things I noticed into a proper sentence that wasn’t entirely rushed as we all seemed to be noticing similar things:

Since it was only week one, I was only really retweeting tweets at the time and not actually engaging in conversations just yet, which did change in week 3 and 4.

For the second week, I stuck to mostly critically analysing the film, at this point in time I thought we had to put out 10 tweets each week not just 10 tweets for the assignment, so I was tweeting about everything:

cap 1 tweet

Also drawing from what I know of popular culture:

Moving onto weeks 3 and 4 which is where I started to engage fully with other students as well as general critical analysis, my tweets had calmed down in amount each week but also throwing a few memes in as well.

cap 2 tweets.PNG

The ones above in particular shows conversing with others.

Also below finding fun facts from the film.

I ended up missing Ghost in the shell, But my tweets for Johnny Mnemonic fit generally into the same sections for my others, either memes, critical analysis, fun facts or interactions.

I will admit however Johnny Mnemonic ended up being more of a meme tweeting week than a serious tweeting week. My spelling in a lot of these tweets was also not that great but I was in a rush and not really focusing on it.









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