Live-Tweeting: A Self-Reflection

Nicole Gentle

Through weeks one to six, I experimented with a range of different tweeting methods and found that the most successful ones engaged with the text while engaging with my peer-group. Further, tweets which stemmed from conceptual analysis of the film were the most efficient method for engaging with my peers.

Week One: Metropolis (1927)

For week one, I experimented more with memes and general observations of the film as my tweet contribution. For this week, the tweet which received the most engagement from my peers and I interacted with the most, consisted of a general observation surrounding the body language and depiction of protagonist, Maria. Overall, for this week, I feel like my contribution to the hashtag and surrounding discussion wasn’t as strong as it could have been, however, due to the challenging nature of the duality of live-tweeting while watching a silent film, I feel like my contribution was overall…

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