Live tweeting reflection

This is one of my favourite part of this class. For the past 6 week with 6 differences movies, I’ve been interacted with all the class mate by using tweeter. It feels like everybody can shared meme and their perspective during watching movie without disturbing each other by using internet. These 6 movies also shows the iconic and references to other movie as well

Metropolis (Lang, 1927)

Metropolis is properly the oldest sci-fi film I have watch for my entire life (except from Star wars) and the visual effect is quite impressive for the movie that nearly 100 years old !!. This tweet I received a lot of interaction by the classmate who thinks the same as me. I didn’t have a clue that why did we do this “live tweet” However, it’s quite entertaining when you read the live tweet while watching the movie and see how many people has the same perspective as you. The ending is reminded me of one of the most famous movie “Titanic” when the city is sinking and the way their film, people are ruining.

A Space Odyssey ( Kubrick 1968)

The second movie is actually prediction of “Siri” when the computer started talk in the movie, it reminded me of how Siri works today (properly works better in in movie). The movie also reminded me of Dr. Strange when The ancient one push him, The full of visuals effect looks amazing how computer can do. However, sometime I felt it’s unnecessary and hurt the audience eyes.

West World (1978)

The movie was good combination when using medieval and cowboy reference while the android was fighting and its fascinating to see how they involve technology and these era together. One of the most humiliating scene in all the movie is when they cannot shoot in distance. It created the action feeling when you watch it, but well-trained soldiers in real life wouldn’t miss a shot when they shoot in distance.

Ghost in the Shell (1996)

This is came along way from metropolis that has no dialog to Japanese anime that you need to read subtitle. Personally I like it how well the Japanese made their anime, and it was impressive in this movie even it’s old and they made it aged well.

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

The last one was “Johnny Mnemonic” and it was disappointing. Personally, they have Keanu Reeves as a main character and the story line was interesting. However, the acting is really terrible!. The visual effect is another give away on it consider to the age of the movie and how better they would be. Reeves also having a bad time in this movie is also the reason why the movie is such as disappointment. Another interesting reference to current technology is VR, And the prediction was real

What I have learn from the live tweet was amazing experience and I’m looking forward to learn more about it. All the movie also shows how technology has changed during time in term of special effect, prediction of technology and the iconic scene from other movie. I have learn that all the class mate seem to enjoy memes, references to another movie so was I. I felt exciting when the set up and scenes were similar and how movie prediction from “metropolis” till “Johnny Mnemonic” became true




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