My Live Tweeting Experience (Week 1 to 6)

Ashleigh Lockton

BCM 325 (Future Cultures) tutorials features an element of live tweeting while watching movies, this is my first experience live tweeting. During the first half of the semester I have struggled to be able to understand the movies while live tweeting. I haven’t seen any of these movies before which doesn’t help in my understanding when I’m researching or composing tweets. Throughout different weeks I have explored different aspects of live tweeting such as thinking critically, researching and engaging in discussion.

In week 5 I started thinking critically about the movie in regards to how it has predicted the future. I was able to show that in some of my tweets which then received replies from other classmates. With this tweet shown below I received more replies than any other tweet I have done. Although it could’ve been a great opportunity for me to engage in some discussion with others…

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