My Pitch Review

I’ve read all of the pitches and they all really interesting idea and I like all of the blog post I read.

First pitch

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 12.23.22 am

The first blog I review was from Georgia. Her blogpost is about how social media becomes “Fake” and I strongly agree with this concept as i experience it before. When you meet someone in real life and they don’t looks identical in social media. In another word, people actually cares about their social media more than their real life. I gave some example for her that I’ve seen parody instagram before about “what would you look like if you are ordinary girl who pose and dress like celebrity”. However, I couldn’t find that post on Facebook anymore as it’s been awhile. The reason of this would be how media affect in our life especially “Americans’ media”. Body trend has changed during centuries from skinny to hourglass and Big bottom. These trend comes from Americans movie, series and shows following by the globalisation and easier access by various users. She also mention “manipulate” and I feel that people lost their identity just trying to be perfect on their instagram. As individual has its own style and trying to be other is really difficult to catch up. I’m looking forward to see her work and how things will go in 5-10 years afterwards.

Pitch 2 

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 1.30.53 am

Personally, This is the most confusing one I’ve review. The point, he made was to use his Instagram to shows the effect of the climate change. But still confusing about the methodology he uses, and I assume that it would be Instagram. This is another interesting topic as the climate change is directly effect on everyone and you can see the rising of temperature and weird seasons. I gave him some advice about “what’s a point of your DA?. To show people how bad the climate change is or to create a campaign to help the world


Pitch 3

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 1.33.18 am.png

Personally, The 3rd pitch is my favourite one from Amanda. She is doing 3D printing for the corral reefs. First of all, the using of UOW Makerspace is very awesome as not many people knows about it. It would be a great opportunity to 3D print something from UOW. Her idea is very futuristic, because of using technology to create nature and environmental. The craziest idea about 3D printing I’ve heard that you able to print a gun from it, so it would be chaos if 3D printing becomes easier for everyone to access. However, I have no idea that 3D printing would be useful to print something like corral reefs, and It maybe able to print something crazier such as human organs. However, my question is “how is this difference than cloning?” As I don’t know much about cloning but I think that you able to clone every living things as long as you get the part of it. However, printing would be easier process as you just print things out.


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