Part 1 – Live Tweeting


Throughout the subject, we have watched films that have in many ways impacted the way we see our ever-advancing world. All from different points in time and different genres, these films inspire thoughts and questions that we are encouraged to act upon as viewers by the entire team behind it. Now, with Twitter, being an instantaneous place to record thought fast, simple and easy in under 140 characters, it is a great way to share these thoughts and interact with others.

My most popular tweet in the live tweeting was a ‘self-aware’ post.

Using the film we were watching (Metropolis) and being able to apply our situation to this behind the scenes photo gives this a complete depth, even as a ‘meme’. People responded well which was good. I have found my more humorous posts are what gain the most attention during the live tweeting.

My posts that are thought provoking however, are the ones that gain the most response in terms of engagement.

This thread was made to gather some thoughts and I found that I got a great response that complimented my thoughts towards the film.

In terms of responding to tweets, I found myself responding to the humour filled ones the most, engaging with references from culture and applying them to these statement piece films.

I found this as a way to not just engage with the film, but engage with my peers to engage in future discussion of the films topics.

Live tweeting is really beneficial for understanding the films, however also understanding how other people respond and want to interact with peers as well as the topics being discussed.

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