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So giving evaluation was fun, always looking forward to seeing what others are doing and what it can teach me.


The first one I did was Desmond Chung’s idea, which was really interesting, the whole concept of technology changing the way we talk and communicate and how this will affect us in the long run was an idea that had me thinking for a while. I feel that I was critical without being brutal, while at the same time trying to be constructive with some ideas that could help him along with his digital artifact. I think my biggest concern about it was how broad the subject was and I think i brought this up in a good enough manner. Apart from that I’m now very interested and am going to keep a keen eye on how this project turns out over the next few weeks

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#BCM325 Future of communication


The second one I followed up on was Connor Lennon’s artifact, which I think is definitely something that I am going to try to listen to, my comment I feel was okay, it is a bit hard to say something when they covered it in the comments before yours but I discussed it anyway to put my two cents on it.

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The final blog that I looked into was Koranith Rusakul’s and his idea to look at gadgets and car designs today, which I felt was a little too focused on today, but I feel that if he was to follow the trends and future designs it would make for a crazy digital artifact. Both the other commenters had pointed this out but really it was the only issue I had. I think the idea that he has laid the foundations for would be crazy, and like I said in the post it would absolutely blow my mind if he did find designs similar to the movies we are watching in class so I’ll be definitely checking this project to see what Koranith finds.

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I think I could do a little better and maybe found some more stuff to say, but it is a little difficult to find something fresh when there’s only so few problems. I think that this sessions Digital Artifacts are going to be very interesting and informative (at least in my opinion).

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