Pitch (Perfect) Reviews

em koletti

  • Marcus Lazarevski – @Qantasdaily

Marcus’ pitch discussed his idea to continue his previous digital artefact and adapt it to the Future Cultures subject. He shares content from his workplace, (Qantas) as a ground crew member at Sydney Airport.

My review on this pitch was to mainly give suggestions on how he could use the ‘future’ theme for this task and explore it more. There was a lack of discussion on the future which was surprising to me as majority of the project is done. It is such an interesting idea, but he needs to do a lot more research and have an idea on how he is going to actually adapt to the ‘future.’ My comments provided links to different Instagram pages from all around the world that had a similar idea to Marcus’ which will hopefully give him some inspiration for his posts. As I read back at his…

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