BCM325 A2.2 – Devin Winnie

For my DA, I have decided to switch from an Instagram page to a website. I am currently gathering sources and academic information on the sustainable solutions to climate change and am not going to publish my website until all the pages are fully completed, so my prototype is only a screen shot of the landing page because that is the only part that is finished.



5 thoughts on “BCM325 A2.2 – Devin Winnie”

  1. Hi Devin,
    I really like this concept you’re using for your DA, I believe it is very important to be aware of climate change and how us humans affect the earth. It is very important that we are aware of what isn’t good for the earth and focus on ways to minimise our impact as well as how to fix our problems. I think it is very important that you show things that individuals can do to limit their impact on the earth.
    The use of confronting images on your website will shock many people but hopefully it will help get through to people so they know they have to do their part.
    You mentioned plastic pollution, you could also show how this affects sea animals as well as other marine life such as plants or other animals. Here is an article which may help your research.
    Goodluck with your DA, I’ll be interested to see your website when it’s published.


  2. Hi,
    I like the switch from Instagram to a website because you are able to give viewers more valuable information. You could still possibly use a social account to share your website around and direct people to it. Have you got a plan about how you are going to get your website out there?

    People love snack-able content so I would suggest if you are going to right more long form content try to use listicles (e.g top 3 ways to be more eco friendly) and lots of sub headings.
    I do a fair amount of copy writing myself and find it really helpful to have other people look over my work before publishing anything. It’s nice to get a fresh set of eyes looking over it and any opinions or inputs they have could help to better you content.

    I love the topic you have chosen it is very relevant right now and super important. I find that a lot of content surrounding this topic is negative so would you think about taking more of a positive spin on it? So rather than showing how bad global warming is maybe it’s about showing people ways we can get together and help.

    Good luck with your DA, can’t wait to see the website live!



  3. Hello Devin,

    I’m glad you have found a problem and made a change at an early stage. I think it is the right choice to build up a website rather than an Instagram page, because that you can not only give your audiences the solution to slow down the climate change, but also give them a well-organized knowledge map about this topic.

    The way you present those few topics you are going to focus on is very clear to me. I understand what direction you are going after watching your pitch.

    I’m glad you said you would pay extra attention to the food industry and agriculture because my DA topic is about protein food. I guess we all agree that food is and will dominate a huge part of our daily life. Then every change in the food industry will lead to changes in humanity and the mother earth. I’m definitely going to go to watch the documentary you mentioned!

    I also would love to recommend to you a documentary called Food 3.0(https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6847636/ ); it introduces some technologies in the food industry, including plant-based meat and cultured meat. Especially for the cultured meat (lab-grown meat), they say because those meat are grown from cells, so the water and fodder are no longer needed, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    Here are some researches and reports about cultured meat that I found are really helpful.


    I’m really looking forward to seeing your findings and opinions on the relationship between the food industry and the environment.

    Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any problem with my comment.


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