My Two Cents

Lazy Susan.

commenting process this semester has been particularly useful for me when
compared to previous semesters. In the past, I have provided only comments
about the good parts of a blog post or pitch, whereas this time, when
approaching the contribution of feedback for my peers, I have attempted to be
more critical of areas that might need improvement. Each comment is written in
semi-formal language, to give myself some credibility while also relating to my
classmates and making the observations more readable.

Admittedly, outside of the compulsory nature of this assignment task, commenting on people’s blogs is a practice I would not necessarily undertake out of my own personal motivation. However, the process of providing critical feedback has encouraged me to reconsider my own pitch, and areas that may not have come across as clearly as I had imagined. One example is my methodology, which I think could have…

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