And we are back! This time last year in BCM112 I created a digital artefact called “The Migrant Diaries”.

The essence of my DA is interviewing both 1 and 2nd generation migrants about their experience moving and settling to Australia.

Australia has an incredible history of migrants with so many different stories. And although there is lot to be said about migrants both nationally and internationally in the media, there is beauty in hearing the stories from the mouth of those that have experienced it first hand.

In a world that is Globalising at a rapid rate migration is a topic that will continue to be relevant both in the short term and long term future. (Walsh, 2012)

My main mediums are both Instagram and Facebook because it was what I was more familiar with. However I am looking to expand these platforms to Youtube or Vimeo to post…

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Pitch Comments


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I don’t have a link to this comment because it is awating moderation and won’t show up normally. Jessica’s Pitch was about the future of online media, through short videos she wants to educate us on the current state of online media, and the overall space of online media in terms of content creation and trends.

My comment set out to ask her how she could veiw her own place in the space of online media and asking how could she mould the future of the online world. As a filmaker/Youtuber I gave a few tips about making her informative videos engaging.

I think my comment was applicable and considerate towards her interests, suggesting another level of perspective into her work (through the lense of the self). Through inviting Jessica to consider how she may edit her videos, I am expressing a desire to see her do well and make…

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