Reviewing and Reflecting: BCM325 Pitches Edition


This is a critical reflection of my comments on fellow BCM325 student’s DA pitches-


Koranith’s DA was about creating a Youtube reviewing channel about either cool gadgets or cars. I felt that Koranith needed to narrow down his DA as there was a lot left to the imagination about the direction of the DA. I tried to help with some ideas, as he had expressed interest in cars, in both the pitch and the contextual essay, I presented the notion of driverless cars. I wanted to build off his ideas whilst staying true to the core of the assessment with addressing the future. I feel I was helpful in providing both sides to a very current debate, that is definitely going to be a concern within the future. Although, I feel as if I may have led with one idea a bit much and perhaps could have provided…

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First World Problems of a Comms. Student: Watching Films, Being Deep and Live-Tweeting


Live tweeting was a foreign concept to me before enrolling in BCM325. Yes, I had used Twitter throughout the last couple of years at uni, but this was next level. I was concerned about how to watch the movie (particularly the one’s I hadn’t seen *cough* almost all *cough*), thinking critically on my own AND engage with fellow students all AT THE SAME TIME.

However, I feel started to build my confidence and began being able to create decent threads with other students and discussing on a deeper level.

The first week I started out with mostly weak, almost irrelevant comments on fellow students tweets, and mostly just posting facts with links, without truly engaging in the content myself (examples below). I was aware this was my first experience with live-tweeting so knew it wouldn’t be great first off but also recognised I need to critically think and engage to…

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Compliments & Critiques

The Pink Protagonist

Personal Reflection:

Overall I hope that my responses were helpful to each person. I did my best to find links to articles, websites and videos that were relevant to the topics that they had chosen. However, sometimes it was hard to find content within Australia, or information that was current. Similarly, if it was clear that they’d already covered a lot and their research was already extensive I was not sure if I was going to be able to add anything of real value apart from tiny suggestions on focus or how to present their work. I also made a huge error by commenting on the blog of someone I was not assigned to. I am not so much annoyed at the extra work I created for myself, but more the fact that this error almost resulted in me not commenting on the correct persons blog thus, they would have…

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And we are back! This time last year in BCM112 I created a digital artefact called “The Migrant Diaries”.

The essence of my DA is interviewing both 1 and 2nd generation migrants about their experience moving and settling to Australia.

Australia has an incredible history of migrants with so many different stories. And although there is lot to be said about migrants both nationally and internationally in the media, there is beauty in hearing the stories from the mouth of those that have experienced it first hand.

In a world that is Globalising at a rapid rate migration is a topic that will continue to be relevant both in the short term and long term future. (Walsh, 2012)

My main mediums are both Instagram and Facebook because it was what I was more familiar with. However I am looking to expand these platforms to Youtube or Vimeo to post…

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Pitch Comments


Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 1.34.53 pm.png

I don’t have a link to this comment because it is awating moderation and won’t show up normally. Jessica’s Pitch was about the future of online media, through short videos she wants to educate us on the current state of online media, and the overall space of online media in terms of content creation and trends.

My comment set out to ask her how she could veiw her own place in the space of online media and asking how could she mould the future of the online world. As a filmaker/Youtuber I gave a few tips about making her informative videos engaging.

I think my comment was applicable and considerate towards her interests, suggesting another level of perspective into her work (through the lense of the self). Through inviting Jessica to consider how she may edit her videos, I am expressing a desire to see her do well and make…

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