The Rollercoaster that is Live Tweeting a Film

Blabbering On

The task of live-tweeting films this semester is one that I found both enjoyable and challenging. It was my first time doing so and I feel like that shows. As evident in the below tweets, I learnt a lot about appealing to an audience, asking questions and engaging in conversations with others. Over the first few weeks, I struggled with following the film and coming up with creative tweets, but I feel as if this became easier with practice. I was absent in week 6, so there are no tweets from this week, but I’m looking forward to putting this analysis into place in my future tweets.

This tweet was definitely the one which was most engaged in, with 34 likes and 12 retweets. I…

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Read, Comment, Reflect

Blabbering On

Providing feedback to my peers has always been a weakness of mine. There are so many balances to get right, and this time I think I did well, but there’s always room for improvement.

My biggest difficulty with commenting on people’s DA pitches was finding that balance between positive feedback and advice. I feel somewhat guilty or bad when I provide constructive feedback, even though I know that it’s an important aspect for improvement. I think because of this I tend to lean more to positive comments.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 9.25.53 amMy comment on Olivia’s DA Pitch

Pitch 1: Olivia’s Vector Art

I found this pitch quite interesting to read and research, as it’s something that I’ve never heard of before.

A continuation of past DA, Olivia pitches the idea of reimaging iconic movie posters into Vector Art. These artworks, which are made using mathematical equations, will be posted on Instagram and sold on…

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Commenting On My Comments


Continuing on from my last post, during BCM325 I have also commented on my classmates’ project pitches for their digital artefacts and vice versa in order to gain a scope on how well our ideas are communicated to a public of our peers. For each comment I outlined what I thought what was done well, if there was anything that could use clarification or improvement, an offered hopefully something useful they could explore in relation to their topics of interest.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 12.42.55 pm

Matilda’s project was exploring and investigating where the print media industry will be in the future with a specific interest in magazines. In this comment, I thought it might be useful to investigate zines as a sub-genre of magazines especially since they mentioned an interest in independent magazines. I gave links to an article focusing on the resurgence of zine culture, an article about how zines have evolved over…

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The Live Tweeting Experience


Throughout the semester, we have been interacting with the futuristic films shown to us during class via the Twitter hashtag #bcm325. Attempting to create both informative and engaging content while also doing my best to keep track of films in a genre in which I often lose interest in fairly quickly, has been quite the challenge for me. The result was memes and historical/intertextual references:



x (correction: Greenblatt)


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Live-Tweeting Films

Elizabeth Farley

Tweeting is something I love doing, I have an audience on another twitter account and am a firm believer that you can form real connections through tweeting. However, Live-tweeting films has proven to be harder than I thought it would be.


The first film we watched, Metropolis, proved to be difficult. I struggled to keep up and this came across in my tweets. My most popular tweet only got 4 likes and two replies.

This tweet seemed to be of some success because it linked aspects of the film to modern day themes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a theme in a lot of the films we watch so linking it to a new music video that explores aspects of AI in todays world.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.18.25 PM

Week two bought more interaction. People were more into the facts I was posting and it seemed to get a little easier to watch and tweet.


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My Live Tweeting Experience in #BCM325 Future Cultures part one

Jiafeng Guo

For this live tweeting experience, I’d like to share three points, my ponder about this way of teaching, my problems, and my reflections.

This tweet was almost the first tweet I sent on the first class. It’s very kind of Brooke to answer my stupid questions patiently. Actually when I looked through my 6 weeks tweets, there are lots of stupid questions like that, but what surprised me is the lecturer and my fellow students didn’t laugh at me. I felt gratitude for the peer assistance appeared in the live tweeting. Everyone is busy watching, tweeting, researching, but some of them are willing to help others understand the plot and answer some questions. I can recall in ‘A Space Odyssey’, the Blue Danute was played many times. I felt familiar about the tune but cannot remember the name. then I saw someone’s tweets with the name of this tune. I…

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BCM325: Pitch Reviews


Feedback is an essential tool in order for one to grow and improve for future endeavours. In this case for our BCM325 assessment, the feedback we receive and give each other is crucial for our project ideas to grow and evolve. It has been a very insightful, helpful and rewarding exercise overall as I get to see what it it feels like to be the one providing the useful feedback as opposed to being on the receiving end.

For Kristie’s project pitch on ‘E-Sports’ I could relate to this topic massively as my love for e-sports is huge. A question still surrounds how she will post such a massive amount of content so often. For Tiana’s idea however, I focused my feedback more on the delivery of her digital artefact idea, suggesting that maybe a podcast isn’t the best was to share it, however could be one of many ways…

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