Live Tweeting Is Still No Joke

Vilde Haaland Axelsen

In the last self-reflection I decided that I was going to step up my game on the live tweeting during the film screening in tutorials, and to be completely honest I still feel like I am really struggling. I simply cannot watch a movie and tweet at the same time, I probably missed at least one-third of the movies because of the tweeting. It is really weird because even though I am struggling I am enjoying it in some way.

I like being able to share my thoughts about the film while it is playing and everyone that is interacting is watching it with me. I especially like being funny or at least trying to be, by posting memes and GIFs. This meme of Will Smith from when we were watching I, robot, seemed to interest fellow students and engage them.

It got eight likes and two comments, which is…

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Are My Comments Beta?

Originally posted on Elizabeth Farley:
Some feedback from part one of this assessment was really helpful for me. I was able to better my commenting by providing links and suggestions to the beta presenters and also taking the opportunity to learn from what they are doing. The first pitch that I commented on was Rachel’s,…

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