Following up: Fictional Dystopian futures (Warnings and predictions)

The Pink Protagonist


I have reflected on how my first blog post has gone and I have also looked back over some of the feedback that I have received on the initial pitch for my project and the changes that I have made.

Forgot to mention that this blog has been shared to my twitter account, my personal facebook page, and has been re-tweeted by another Twitter user I know with a larger following than my own to help me promote it. So far, I have only had one comment from a friend with suggestions for more movies.

My new project will now consist of three blogs covering the ethical implications of microtechnologies and medical implants. I will be covering what this will look like in 5 years, with microchips, 10-20 years with nano-technologies and 50+ years with the potential for removing the needs for this technology altogether as we become wi-fi…

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