Beta Presentation: Connor Lennon

Hi guys, so this is the project in its working but beta format. Since the pitch, I discovered through feedback that it was a little vague so throughout the weeks leading up to now this video should illustrate the narrowing down of the idea. The podcast format is best for this assignment as “Podcasts have proven the perfect tool to share knowledge and information in the world’s most highly censored areas.” (Frary, 2017) Over the weeks creating this DA, I have found that it does have a niche market .to the surfing community however I am under the impression that there are some topics that I have covered and plan to cover that is inclusive of the technology community such as discussions about business ventures and future technologies such as virtual reality or wave pools. Discussion of these technologies signifies an inclusive nature of a sport once deemed purely for those invested within the surfing world.

Frary, m. (2017). Power to the podcast: Podcasting is bringing a whole new audience to radio and giving investigative journalism a boost. Plus, our handy guide to making your own podcasts – Mark Frary, 2017. [online] SAGE Journals. Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2019]

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