Change it, then give it a go: DA Beta


For my project, I directed a pitch, which can be viewed here. After the response from both my classmates and Chris, I decided to tweak my methodology, utility, and presentation.

The method changed from video format to blog format, I believed this would be much more effective, as well as following the FIST technique. The utility changed as well to involve more technological aspects of social media, discussing more the future of online media in certain areas.

I have shared my blog through twitter, received some traction, and even a comment from India, this can be attributed to tags and catergories.

I plan to release more blog posts, and share them through different platforms. A link to my DA can be found below:

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3 thoughts on “Change it, then give it a go: DA Beta”

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I really like that you changed your medium based on feedback from the DA pitch. I also find it easier to follow when it is done as a blog rather than video essays. I had a look at your blog and I realise that it is far from finished but I found it a bit unorganised so maybe an Idea could be to use folders or categories so it is easier to navigate through the blog. Another idea is to might use WIX as a platform if you wanted to use something else than WordPress.

    Your topic sounds really interesting and I can´t wait to see it when it´s finished.

    I know it is a bit off topic but you should have a look at this video where Monty Metzger looks into the present of the digital, and how it might look in 2030 if you need some ideas.

    You should also have a look at this article on video trends that are shaping the future of digital media:

    Good job!

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  2. Hi Jessica,

    I think it’s great you took on board feedback from your initial pitch and decided to change from video essays to blog posts. Personally, I think that if you have the ability to write concisely and explain your topic so that people can understand it in words, this is a good idea, especially because if it is something that is tricky to follow or understand they can read over it a few times without having to keep rewinding a video. After reading your first post, I think it was great that you kept it short – people will stay engaged and are more likely to read the whole thing over something that is longer.

    After your previous feedback, it seems like you have thought out your process logically and how you’re going to go about your next few posts. I’m really interested to read your post on AI in relation to social media and what it means for creators.

    This article from Forbes was quite interesting on using AI to ‘detoxify’ the internet.

    Good luck with your next few DA posts!

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