BCM325 Beta – UOW Digital Media Society Future Planning

homebrew drafts.

Since my initial pitch, I’ve tinkered with the core idea for my Digital Artefact somewhat, primarily to focus more on the long-term strategy for the society and to prevent clashing with Alex and Kelsea’s projects. Specifically, I’ve moved the strategy away from skill development and towards ingratiating the Digital Media Society with the university structure, with a particular focus on management and developing DMS as a first port of call for media students at UOW.

I’ve yet to release the master plan on Twitter, but I have received project feedback from my peers, whilst the Google Form system for feedback is fully operational (simply needing tailoring to each individual event). Overall trajectory will continue to value feedback (or in the case of events, an absence of this), with a more complete draft of the master plan to be released publicly in the coming weeks. Something that I’ve found surprisingly valuable…

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