From T-Palm to T-Awesome (while keeping the name)

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Since my Pitch, I’ve worked further on the T-Palm within my university course. The T-Palm went through 3 versions recently, largely due to the feedback discussed in my video.

The T-Palm is a future technology which will have perpetual effects starting short-term. The T-Palms utility is limitless but regarding the future it is essentially for people in low to medium danger. This being regularly or from societies evolution, a workplace with knives or a world in ruins. All feedback has been positive, encouraging me to improve the design and led to research of similar technology. This helps me compile a better patent for a high-quality product.


Derakhshandeh, H, Aghabaglou, F, Ghanavati, IO, Tamayol, A & Kashaf, SS n.d., ‘Smart Bandages: The Future of Wound Care’, Trends in Biotechnology, vol. 36, no. 12, pp. 1259–1274, viewed 2 May 2019, <;.

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