Just Keeps Getting ‘Beta’

Blabbering On

At a basic level, not much has changed about my visual essay. It is still the same style and format that I originally planned, with the same fundamental topics and ideas.

There are minor areas that did change though. The biggest change was a few more specifications, such as dropping the term “e-sports” and clarifying my topic more.

The other change was setting time constraints of 3.5 to 5 minutes per video, with 4 videos in total. This enables me to have a better grasp of my DA and plan better.

Both of these were things mentioned in my pitch comments that I took on board and found useful. Unfortunately, I don’t have any public feedback yet, but this is my next challenge to tackle.

My progress so far can also be seen in my first visual essay, published here.

Overall I’m happy with my progress, but there’s plenty…

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