Prospective Future: A Speculation on Logo Design

pay attention and scroll...

Ever reimagined the future possibilities a company may make for their business? Look no further as my digital artefact produces just that!



A growing platform for sharing my personal speculations and outlook of logo designs on prominent businesses in varying industries. The utilisation of Instagram communicates the ideas sufficiently for the ordinary social media user.

Shifting from my previous idea, I have adapted my project to suit the core concept relating each artefact to be a product of investigation for the coming 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years.

This way, I am addressing the future in a honed narrative rather than a complex one, as mentioned in my first project iteration.

Here you can watch my beta project pitch:


Journal Article

Luffarelli, J. Stammatogiannakis, A. Yang, H. ‘The Visual Asymmetry Effect: An Interplay of Logo Design and Brand Personality on Bran Equity’, vol. 56, no.1, pp…

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