The Beta DA

王曉萱 Felicia Wang

Through my background investigation of this topic and the three suggestions, I intend to discuss the AI in the news industry from another perspective. My new topic is about “Is the robot used to help news editors or to replace them during in 5 to 10 years?” I think this is a severe problem because the quality and authenticity of the report are essential to the people. We don’t want the government or media companies to publish some meaningless news to waste our time, even publish fake news to deceive the people. Regarding methodology, I don’t want to continue to use the questionnaire because most of the respondents told me that the questionnaire is too rigid. In week 9, I am going to use an interview to conduct an in-depth investigation. The findings are combined with academic articles to draw conclusions.


‘Artificial Intelligence can check the spread of…

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3 thoughts on “The Beta DA”

  1. Hi Felicia,

    This is a really interesting topic that you’re digital artefact is revolved around. I agree with you that it is important to talk about AI and their effects (bad or good), influence, and potentiality within the news industry. Conducting an interview to gain peer feedback or insight into their own thoughts on the idea seems like a good choice, particularly if you want to discuss it on a public level. It will allow the participants to give organic feedback that isn’t constrained by your initial method of questionaire. The choice to use academic papers to add factual bulk to your digital artefact is also a good one as you will not be able to gain the kind of insight they will give through interviewing people who are not experts on the topic.

    I do have to question though. How are you going to present your findings? I’m curious as to how you’re going to bring all your ideas together to create a final piece that could further be interacted with. Are you going to write your own news article? While you have mentioned your ideological aim and methodology (to some extent), you have not mentioned how you intend to share your findings in a final manner. It might be interesting to see you make a video essay which could include video from the interview.

    Overall, I think your DA is headed in the right direction and it would be interesting to see where you take it.

    Good luck with your artefact!


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