Beta Presentation: Assessment 2: Part 2

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50% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years as a result of insufficient demand’ – Desjardins (2017)

I have identified two trends that have moved in parallel with Kotler’s five eras (1997). Firstly, market saturation, which has led marketers to develop more efficient and effective marketing technologies (Boeri 2005), and secondly, the transition from mass to personalised marketing, which questions the future of privacy and surveillance. My prediction of future marketing will be based on the assumption these trends continue. It will serve as a warning that our obsession with technological advancement, specifically in marketing, will outpace regulations and ethical considerations, leading to the dystopian future predisposed by sci-fi films.


Akkawi, Y 2018, ‘Science Fiction Has Helped Predict the Future of Technology. Here’s Why We Should Be Worried’, Inc, weblog post, 27 February, viewed 6 April 2019, <;

Boeri, T 2005, ‘Population…

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