#BCM325 Beta Presentation

Sorry for the delaying of this beta presentation. I’m sure there must be some limitations, please feel free to give suggestions.

Jiafeng Guo

In this beta presentation, the future of translation in the short, medium and long term will be discussed. In April 2006, Google launched a translation service based on the Statistical Machine Translation(SMT) and then switched to a neural machine translation(NMT) system in November 2016. In the short-term, this technology can become more mature with higher accuracy.

In the medium-term, NMT technology can make much more progress in dealing with translation issues. It will work more like a sophisticated human translator or interpreter. However, how can people cope with the problem of putting this technology into practice with easier access and lower cost? Can other explorations like “universal translator” “babel fish” and “iflytek” better address this issue?

In the long-term, I am optimistic about there is no language barrier anymore. By implanting a chip, you can talk to anyone in the world freely. Nevertheless, when it comes to literature translation, there…

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