Critical self-review of Beta presentation commenting.

Jiafeng Guo

Beta presentation 1

is from Emily Koletti. It is about the evidence of ‘black mirror’ theories predict things precisely. Emily did a great job on explaining what #BCM325 is about, what is DA, what is Black Mirror, how she make progress after receiving feedback from her peers, which are really helpful for someone unfamiliar with black mirror like me. I found the structure of her presentation very clear and realized I can learn from her. And I’m also impressed that Emily joined a Black Mirror Community to gain deeper and further understanding of theories so that she can input others opinions and output her own ideas in a better way.

As for the suggestions, since black mirror talks about the unanticipated consequences of technology to humanity, I found it interesting that there are some different voices against the idea of black mirror, believing it emphasized too much on dark side…

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