DA Pitch Beta Feedback: Reflection

Madeleine Baker

Since the initial commenting process, I have further developed my commenting style when responding to other students’ pitch betas. On the initial pitches, my comments were somewhat subdued and lacked an element of constructive criticism, as I found it difficult to be critical towards my peers. From that, though, and the feedback I received on my first round of comments, I was able to engage deeper with my peers’ beta presentations, and provide a more critical evaluation of their work. This is with the exception of one of the comments I was required to give, where the student’s work was genuinely sensational, and I could not come up with something they could improve on.

My first comment which I provided, was to Nathan Rathsam. His pitch discussed the developing of his ideas for his digital artefact, which is to create a series of podcast episodes, in which he has…

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