Future Cultures – Beta Reviews

homebrew drafts.

Beta 1 – Maddy Baker’s The Horticultural Solution

I thoroughly enjoyed Maddy’s digital artefact concept – a series of media-rich blog posts focusing on the future of agriculture and the potential for micro-agriculture technologies, even for students on a tight budget, to support growing one’s own food. Compared to my other two beta comments, I brought substantially more of my own experiences and knowledge on the topic into this comment – in particular, my own enthusiasm for neo-traditional Twitter accounts and my general scepticism of ‘raising awareness’ as a raison d’être for…anything, really.

This comment presented me with the opposite problem to what I experienced with the initial set of pitch reviews – rather than focusing too much on non-academic sources, I feel as if that I was not able to place the academic perspective I did share in a context that was specific enough to actually be useful. My remark…

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