Live Tweeting: Reflection #2

Madeleine Baker

This second time around, I believe my live-tweeting game has slightly progressed since the first reflection. In these last 4 weeks, we watched I, Robot (2004), Robot and Frank (2012), Marjorie Prime (2017), and Blade Runner 2049 (2017) in our weekly screenings in BCM325. Admittedly, I thoroughly more enjoyed these screenings than the ones in the first half of the semester, perhaps because these movies were much more modern, and easier to follow. I found it difficult, though, to enhance the depth of my tweets, perhaps because I was mostly unable to find academic sources in relation to the movies to incorporate in the curation of my tweets.

When watching I, Robot (2004), I found that I enjoyed the movie so thoroughly, it was difficult to keep up with the tweets. I tried though, however, but being back from mid-semester break, I was not off to a…

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