Reflect & Construct – Part II

The Living Post

Hi, it’s me again.

As I discussed in my first reflection post, feedback is important to provide a foundation for new ideas research and project construction. This blog post follows on this idea but focuses on the middle to final stages of my classmate’s digital artefacts. Engaging with their BETA presentations, I have been able to draw conclusions on how they intend on completing their final works on a variety of topics.

Designer BabiesMary-Lou Godfrey

Mary-Lou is looking at the future of genetic modification from human reproductive cells and how medicine may be able to allow families to choose the type of genes their children will acquire. It’s an interesting topic as medicine is continually growing with technology and although it seems sci-fiction right now, I engaged with her idea a lot more than I expected.

In terms of her BETA update, Mary-Lou is looking to curate a…

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