Reflective comments round two

Allanah Johnson

Hi and welcome to my blog! This week is round two of commenting and reflecting on my peers Digital Artefacts BETA projects. This is for my university subject BCM325 Future Cultures.

In case you haven’t heart of a digital artefact before, a digital artefact is any type of item produced and stored as digital/electronic version. Examples of digital artefacts include digital documents, presentations, programmes and codes, video and audio files, images and photographs and the like.

It is significant to comment and provide feedback to other students BETAs. It will help students determine whether they are achieving their goals, what they are doing well and areas that need improvement. Also, by doing viewing other students projects we are connecting on an educational basis

I have commented on three students BETA blogs. Travis Matterson, Georgie Piccirilli and Guo Jiafeng. This experience has helped me learn more for my Digital Artefact.

I believe and…

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