The Beta Comments- Connor Lennon

Tanmayi Kotamraju- Talks With Tan

Tanmayi’s digital artefact is a podcast uploaded to SoundCloud that conducts an investigation into social media and artificial intelligence. Her idea is very interesting as it has a major impact on the future of technology and the world in the coming years.

The feedback I offered to Tanmayi I believe has the potential to be quite helpful in creating a successful podcast and digital artefact. I was quite interested in her chosen topic as it is both frightening and fascinating to realise the true impact this technology has. Initially, in my feedback, I touched on how her use of the podcast format on SoundCloud was by far the best choice in delivering a DA that offers informative narratives and easily accessible. In commenting on the positives of a podcast approach I did touch on how this topic is quite dense and can potentially run dry therefore it may be beneficial to make the podcasts slightly shorter as it will allow more in-depth listener attention.
Tanmayi has only released one podcast so far that investigates AI and filter bubbles. These concepts are incredibly broad and difficult to narrow down however I feel Tanmayi had conducted substantial research in this podcast. Following on from the filter bubble topic I offered the idea of possibly investigating filter bubbles again on a political scale relative to social media, not only the US but the recent Australian elections too. This allows user engagement as they can identify with points made as this has had an impact on all of us recently. I offered this article that could be beneficial if she were to choose this path.  Fake news and ideological polarization: Filter bubbles and selective exposure on social media.
As said previously this is a massive topic that has the potential to be an information overload so I put forward the idea for Tanmayi to make the podcasts incorporate more relatable content, such as personal anecdotes and adding in sounds that engage the user more.

Comment can be viewed here

Jessica Laubhan- Beta Presentation: Where I’m At

Jessica’s digital artefact was to be an investigation into what is the future of Online marketing. Analysing past and present approaches to online marketing and predicting how that will impact future patterns and trends.

Within my feedback to Jessica’s beta presentation and her first podcast, I was able to offer my opinion on them. My comments were largely complementary as I feel her idea is something quite intriguing and has the potential to impact the future to a large extent if done correctly. Personally, when I listen to podcasts I enjoy relatable content that can be personally identified within which I feel Jessica had done in her first podcast regarding native advertising. Touching on things we all experience when advertisers utilise our search patterns and frequent visits to ensure they can be regularly viewed on sperate platforms. Jessica has a grasp on who her target audience is and therefore being able to easily identify with ideas allows for greater engagement.
At the end of Jessica’s first podcast, she outlined what she will be investigating in the podcasts to come such as the monetisation and copyright of online advertisements which I commented could be potentially dry as it is such a dense topic. In my comment, I offered topics she could potentially use in other podcasts. I put forward the idea of conducting a podcast into the specific technologies or platforms in which we view advertisements. placing a focus on how it has changed from the past which can allow Jessica to offer her prediction of the future.
Another idea I put forward for Jessica was for her to potentially do a ‘pro-tips’ style podcast in which she can outline the best places to advertise or the best techniques to do so. The benefits of this for her podcast are large as a business can utilise fresh ideas. I put forward an article that investigates online trends. Future Prospects of Online vs Traditional Media in Marketing Communication
As she could critique the success of the techniques and sites.

Comment can be viewed here

Nathan Kendrick-  Future Cultures – Assessment 2

Nathan’s digital artefact surrounded the topic of music and his personal prediction on what music may sound like in the future. This topic is incredibly interesting as music is so subjective it will be interesting to hear his take on the future progression of the genre. He plans to create short audio files that individually show music in different periods in the future.

Nathan offers an interesting aesthetic to his digital artefact, his beta video went against the norm in terms of lighting and appearance as he wore a mask accompanied with hellish red mood lighting. The video itself was quite short therefore securing a certain idea on what he was actually creating was quite difficult as I pointed that including a small snippet on what he had created for this DA in the beta presentation would have granted myself and other viewers greater knowledge on what he was actually creating.
Following from this, I encouraged Nathan to potentially investigate is past ideas of what an authentic artist is in comparison to now along with research into past technologies compared to modern technologies. These investigations can allow personal predictions of what music could potentially be like based on the analysis of trends. I put forward the idea of investigating streaming services as the discussion of these can similarly aid in deducing future patterns. I Offered this article which can potentially aid in his research. Interaction, Experience and the Future of Music. this was to be of use in a contextual essay in aiding the progression of ideas.

my comment can be viewed here

Overall, I feel as if my feedback could be of use in the final submission of these digital artefacts as I have offered possible further direction for these assignments.

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