Nothing feels BETA than this

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With many challenges met and hurdles overcome, a virtual reality (VR) gallery space is still on its way. Working alongside fellow BCM325 student Brooke Eager, we will be creating a student guide to tackle the Unreal software, so in the future, we can hopefully see further VR accessibility across campus. With the Unreal software now available at the MakerSpace, Brooke and I will create a set of instructions on how digital artists can use this software with ease, with my set of works being on display in this exhibition. This project has been a great learning opportunity and implementation of the FEFO (Fail Early, Fail Often) structure, as a clearer direction has now been established after various attempts. I am still hoping to challenge the concepts of the gallery space and their greater contribution to the medium in a virtual sphere and truly hope there will be a virtual gallery to display upon the conclusion of this subject.




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Stylani, S, Fotis, L, Kostas, K, Petros, P 2009. ‘Virtual museums, a survey and some issues for consideration’,/Journal of Cultural Heritage/, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 520-528.

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