Tweeting & Engaging – Part II

The Living Post

Hi, it’s me again!

As per my first blog post about my experiences live-tweeting in my BCM325 class, it’s only fair to take into consideration the feedback I had been given about my reflection. Live-tweeting over the past 12 weeks now has enabled me to engage a whole lot more than I expected with sci-fi movies I’ve never seen before. Between weeks 8 – 12, we watched films that explored more modern views of the future! These were; I-Robot (2004), Robot and Frank (2012), Marjorie Prime (2017), Blade Runner (2049) and The Matrix (1999).

Based on the feedback I was provided from my previous reflection, it was suggested that I pre-write my tweets, drawing in on research early enough to come into the live-tweeting for the week. Doing this, I was able to not only view more of the film but find different areas to research…

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